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DivX PlayerDivX Player - DivX players are becoming more popular as more people are seeing what DivX is capable of. Also you could convert your DVD's to DivX format and have around 6 movies on 1 DVD which would save you having lots of discs.

Artisan divx player (Click to enlarge)
Artisan DivX Player

Watch your favorite movies on a free DivX player. There is a number of free DivX players out there that you can download, but this page brings you few of the most popular.

Free DivX Player

Cliprex dvd player (Click to enlarge)
Cliprex DVD Player

Cliprex DVD Player Professional
Wanting to play your DVD's on your PC for free, then one of the easy and free ways is to download the Cliprex DVD Player Professional software. This free DivX player not only plays DVD Video but also supports DivX, Xvid, MPEG, WMV, ASF, Video CD, Super Video CD and any other video file you have the codec installed for.

As you can see from the picture above Cliprex gives you an easy navigation interface through a context menu, which features automatic aspect ratio, audio stream selection, selection of available subtitles, easy chapter selection for the DVD menu, bookmarks management, angle selection, resume option of a specific DVD, fullscreen/desktop play and more. This package also contains free codecs.

Download this free DivX player no from Cliprex.

Divx play bundle (Click to enlarge)
DivX Play Bundle

DviX Player Bundle 6.2
This DviX bundle 6.2 comes supplied with codecs, its free and best of all is adware free. Playing all .AVI and .DviX files that include DviX video and MP3 audio also playing rented or bought DVD's. This free DivX player package comes fully supporting English, French, German and Japanese languages.

advanced features of DivX including scene selection menus, chapters, subtitles, video tags and alternate audio tracks. The latest version of the DivX Player adds a download manager that allows you to download multiple videos, pause and resume downloads and progressively play back video as well as playlists.

To download this DviX player refer to Free Downloads Center.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Cliprex - Free DivX player, Cliprex DVD player professional, free download, most popular downloads.

Free Downloads Center - Free DivX players, DviX software, PC and Mac DivX players, download for free.

Gustosoft - Ace media player, free DivX player, plays WMP, QuickTime, Real Media player.

Ace divx player (Click to enlarge)
Ace DivX Player

Ace DivX Player
Ace DivX Player is the most convenient and handy divx player, it focus on play and manager your local media files including Divx, Mpeg, Mpv, Mpa, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Asf, CDA(Audio-CD), DAT(Video-CD) etc.

This free DviX player features:
Uses less memory and load more quickly.
Plays full screen movies with onscreen controls.
Powerful playlist with drag-drop, add, crop, copy, paste, inverse, multi-select items.
Freely resize movie window, fit to movie window, zoom to 50%, 100%, 200%.
Save more desktop space with the shade mode.
Snap to desktop(docking to desktop), snap to other window.
Auto play high quality CD and VCD(Video-CD).

Download now from Gustosoft.

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