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DivX Burner

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MPlayer in Widescreen

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The DVE7000S

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Sony DVPFX810

DivX players are becoming more popular as more people are seeing what DivX is capable of. Also you could convert your DVD's to DivX format and have around 6 movies on 1 DVD which would save you having lots of discs.

DivX Players

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DivX Technology
DivX is the name of a popular new video compression technology developed by DivX, Inc, DivX was created to let people play and make high quality videos in a fast and easy way.

If you take DivX movies and DVD movies you will notice there is no difference in picture quality, but the file for the DivX is 1/10 the size, making this file idea to download over the internet which is good if your bandwidth is limited.

You can transfer the DivX movie to a CD but still keep the high quality of the DVD, the movie is usually combined with AC3 or MP3 audio to provide both high quality audio and video.

When you install the DivX player codecs it essentially works as an add-on to your system, which enables you to compress and decompress video in the DivX format. Once you've installed the DivX codec on your system you will be able to watch DivX videos using Windows Media Player or any other player that supports DivX.

Hd divx player (Click to enlarge)
HD DivX Player

High-Definition DVD/DivX
Fully compatible with DivX, XVID, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, picture CD and WMA.
Video output: Composite video/S-video/Component (YPBPR)/Scart RGB (optional).
Audio output: 5.1CH analog output/Coaxial digital/optical digital.
Built-in 5.1CH AC3 Dolby decoder.
DTS output from coaxial/optical output.
Region free.
Built-in progressive scanning output, more stable pictures with higher resolution.
Full functional remote control.
Super error correction function.
Perfect audio and video performance.
Supports 32 language subtitle, 8 language soundtrack and multi angle for DVD discs.
Zoom in and Zoom out function when movie playback.
Parental lock that prevents the children to watch unsuitable scenes.
JPEG CD with Zoom in/Zoom out and Rotate playback.
Multi speed forward and Reverse.
Search function with time selection.
Repeat mode operation(one/all track/off).
Previous/Next track selection.
Volume control and mute mode.
Power supply: AC 100-240V.
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Power consumption: 25W.
Single system: PAL/NTSC/Auto.
Digital karaoke output(Optional).

View HDMI players at Global Sources.

Free DivX PlayerFree Players - Watch your favorite movies on a free DivX player. There is a number of free DivX players out there that you can download, but this page brings you few of the most popular.

DivX DVD PlayersDivX DVD Players - DivX DVD player come in many shapes and sizes, check out the slimline Kiss DVD player. Also on show is the Pioneer and Philips DivX DVD Players pictures and specifications and links to where you can buy them.

DivX Player SkinsPlayer Skins - A selection of DivX player skins to download. Chose from Yellow Hummer, Trekish, Pool Table, Big Blue, Metal Dream, Red Touch, Trekface and the touch skin pack.

DivX Codec for Windows Media PlayerDivX Codec for WMP - This page was created for you to find and download DivX codec for windows media player. Codec is short for compressor/decompressor, it is a technology for compressing and decompressing data.

DivX Player SoftwareDivX Software - DivX player software can be a handy if you are wanting to add a DivX program to your PocketPC or wanting to edit some movies/music files.You can even use your own logo, image or animation in a video fragment.

Portable DVD Player DivXPortable DivX DVD Player - Are you looking to buy a portable DVD player DivX? Then check out the Sony, Shinco and freeview portable devices featured here with pictures and links.

DivX Player for MacPlayers for Mac - Looking for a DivX player for Mac? Then hopefully you don't have to look much further. There are three different players to chose from, they all play DviX and a number of other files.

Sony DivX DVD PlayerSony DivX DVD Player - Standard and portable Sony DivX DVD players are featured on this page. The DVE7000S DVD Walkman and the DVPNS52PS the Sony standard DVD player, including pictures, summaries and links..

DivX Player DownloadDivX Player Download - Looking for DivX player downloads? Here is three very different players to chose from. Artisan DVD/DivX play, BS.Player 2.10 and MPlayer, browse descriptions, pictures and download from links provided.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Global Sources - DivX player manufacturer directory, home DVD players, portable DVD players, network DVD players/recorders. www.globalsources.com

DivX - DivX for windows, DivX players, converter, codec, web player, DivX for Mac. www.divx.com

Rad Light - RadLight 4 is the first true multimedia player that allows you to fully experience all kind of multimedia content such as DivX video or AAC/MP4 audio at the highest quality possible on the PC. www.radlight.com

DivX Movies - What is DivX, DivX codec, DivX FAQ, DivX guides. www.divxmovies.com

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Rad Light 4

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Artisan DivX Player

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